Mass Timber Avenue Townhomes in Toronto

Fixed-price buildings with preset designs. New homes delivered with certainty.

Why R-Town?

Our pilot is the first all wood, mass timber residential building in Ontario. We have created a six-storey townhome that is designed for the main streets and avenues of Toronto. Follow along on Instagram to see R-Progress.

The six storeys can be configured to stand as a single-occupant townhouse, a two storey owners suite with supplementary income rental units below or as an income generating five or sixplex rental property.

While the design is repeatable, the exterior façade is customizable, and the floor plan is flexible to accommodate a range of configurations.

Why do we use mass timber? Because it is healthy for its dwellers, more sustainable, and faster to build with when compared to concrete. Mass timber also minimizes noise and neighbourhood disruption during onsite construction.

– Michael Barker, Founder & Builder

About R-Town

All R-Town’s are designed to include:

  • High performance prefabricated CLT panels that offer a higher degree of quality assurance than comparable site built processes
  • Front and back facing windows in each unit to maximize natural light and provide superior air circulation and passive heating and cooling
  • Balconies and terraces in each unit with direct access to outdoor space
  • Direct access to each unit via elevator and a wood staircase
  • Exposed wood ceilings
  • Radiant heating and cooling
  • Smart thermostats that adjust to current climate conditions
  • Sound insulation
R-Town - Front R-Town - Back R-Town - Bathroom R-Town - Living Room R-Town - Kitchen R-Town - Bedroom

Advantages of R-Town


Mass timber is a sustainable building material with reduced carbon impact when compared to traditional concrete construction. R-Hauz builds to a standard that exceeds the municipal and provincial building code for energy efficiency. Our building envelope is designed to minimize heat loss in cold seasons, and increase indoor air quality and humidity control, reducing operating costs and your carbon footprint. Our dedication to sustainability is furthered with our suite of “green” features:

  • Electric power rather than gas
  • Green roof
  • Storm infiltration in rear yards
  • Grey water recycling
  • Light Emitting Diode lighting (LED)
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures

R-Partners are leaders in innovative sustainable design. In practice since 1973, CMV Group Architects has been recognized with numerous awards for design excellence, technical capability and environmental design. Their holistic approach to sustainability creates healthy, durable and efficient spaces that reduce energy consumption and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Advantages of R-Town

Fixed Cost + Timeline

Our panelized wood construction enables prefabrication offsite to reduce assembly time onsite. We are able to bring you cost savings through the repeatability of our products.

  • Industrial offsite assembly in plant provides for superior craftsmanship and quality control
  • Faster onsite construction, with outer build completed in 6 weeks and end-to-end construction in 6 months.
  • Reduced noise for your community and no street closures in the front of your property by completing construction from the rear lane.

Why wood? learn about the many advantages of R-Hauz’s mass timber construction

Next Steps


Get Started

We offer a seamless turnkey service beginning at the selection phase until the time of occupancy. We manage everything from approvals, permits, and utility connections to onsite construction, warranty and service work.


Once you have selected your R-Town, we obtain your permits and begin the pre-fabrication of your townhome. R-Hauz will facilitate all entitlements to expedite the municipal approvals process.


R-Town’s are a select, order, permit and build process within a 1 year timeline – 6 months of onsite construction. In comparison, a condominium of similar height is a 3-5 year building process.

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