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Author: Molly White-Williams

By: Molly White-Williams | August 17, 2023

R-Hauz x Forma Release 1

So Why the Collab? We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Forma, an architecture and design studio based out of Copenhagen, Denmark! Working together, this first release is a line of laneway and garden suites, which are available to buy and build now in Toronto. Working at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, real estate, and technology, Forma’s ethos syncs with ours –  they design aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious spaces. Forma was founded by Nicolai Richter-Friis and Mikkel Bøgh, architects whose focus is not only on designing buildings, but each building’s contribution to a city or urban space as a whole....

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By: Molly White-Williams | September 30, 2022

Multiple Generations, One Property: The Rise in Multigenerational Living

A well-established way of life in many countries and cultures, multigenerational living is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Canadians, challenging the way we think of the traditional household. Whether attractive for financial reasons, or the ability to facilitate caregiving for family members in a world shaken by a global pandemic, multigenerational living shows no indication of peaking in popularity. According to findings from the 2021 Census, the multigenerational household has increased in growth more than any other Census household type. Why are so many Canadians opting for multigenerational living? Financial Reasons Urban hubs such as Toronto and Vancouver have...

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By: Molly White-Williams | August 9, 2022

R-Suite Laneway Home + Garden Suite FAQs

So…you’re interested in constructing an accessory dwelling unit on your property? You’re navigating exciting and unknown territory for many homeowners, we’re sure you have some questions. Here you will find quick answers to some of our clients’ most commonly asked questions! What is the difference between a garden suite and a laneway suite? Laneway and garden suites are supplementary, detached units, typically located in the rear yard of a residential property. A Laneway Suite can only be built on a property that abuts a public laneway. A Garden Suite is a more flexible unit, permitted recently with the dismissal of...

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