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Author: Aaron Mariash

By: Aaron Mariash | August 23, 2023

BIM Chat: Vol. 1 Issue 3

Your Catch Up on All Things BIM!   LoD: What does it mean? Those of us who work in the architecture business are bludgeoned on a daily basis with acronyms. Today, we’re tackling one of the hazier ones. LoD. No, it’s not a reference to everyone’s favourite skateboarding movie starring Heath Ledger or a beloved ‘90s WWF wrestling duo. For our purposes LoD refers to Level of Development (sometimes also called Level of Design or Detail). LoD is a system for classifying how much information is contained in a BIM file. Generally speaking, LoD is measured in 100 series increments...

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By: Aaron Mariash | August 1, 2023

BIM Chat: Vol. 1 Issue 2

Your Catch Up on All Things BIM!   Stats This isn’t a math lesson, I swear!! Assuming you’re still here, let’s dive into building statistics and how your favourite technologists factor in. The stats for any building, and the lot it sits on, help illustrate how a building might be used, how many people or units could occupy it, how it might generate income for owners and operators, and how much it may cost our clients to build. It all starts with Zoning, which determines the allowable footprint and height of a building on any given lot. From there,...

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By: Aaron Mariash | July 10, 2023

BIM Chat: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of BIM Chat! At R-Hauz, we toss around the word BIM often! BIM Chat will be our new blog series serving to demystify exactly what we mean when we say BIM, and how we leverage it to make our building process more effective. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. Our design team primarily uses a software called Revit to model 3D versions of R-Suite and R-Town products for our projects. BIM is not only used to help us create our drawing sets, but the softwares contain a wealth of other information to help us build better,...

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